Avian Management

The Soterra Wildlife Services team can develop a management plan specially designed to increase the quality of your species of choice and maximize your overall hunting and/or recreational experience.

Quail Management

Not sure if your property has a viable quail population? Soterra Wildlife Services can conduct population surveys to locate quail coveys, and dove, on your property. If your objective is to increase quail abundance and quality, let Soterra assist you in enhancing your property’s habitat. Bobwhite quail require specific habitat conditions to successfully breed, nest and rear broods. Soterra’s team of professionals has management plans specially designed to increase quail survival and nest success on your property.

Waterfowl Management

Soterra’s team of certified biologists will develop a waterfowl management plan to fit your property’s potential. Properly managed agricultural and wetland areas can provide many species of waterfowl and other wetland-dependent wildlife with critical migration and wintering habitat needed for maximum reproductive success. Contact Soterra Wildlife Services today to implement a management plan that will keep them coming back to your property year after year.

Turkey Management

Wild turkeys have a broad range of habitat requirements that, when managed properly, can yield astonishing results. Soterra has an experienced staff of biologists dedicated to improving your turkey population through the use of scientifically proven techniques that enhance the various cover types needed for successful mating, nesting, roosting and brood rearing. Let our Wildlife Services team help improve the quality of your turkey hunting experience.

Private Landowner Services: SoterraConsulting@Greif.com