Deer Management

Quality deer management is one of the most rapidly growing ideologies throughout the country. The fundamental principles are simple; however, getting some properties over the “hump” can be frustrating and time consuming.

At Soterra, our team of wildlife biologists will work with you to implement the proper management techniques that will maximize the quality of the deer on your property. Growing trophy bucks does not happen by accident. It takes a well-rounded management regime to make it happen.

Whether you are looking for advice on what to do next or someone to implement a full-scale management plan, we have the experience that will work for you.

Whitetail Deer Management

Managing the deer population on any property can be a daunting task. Determining which deer to harvest can often be frustrating. By harvesting bucks from the correct age classes and removing the correct proportion of does, we can balance the sex ratio and age distribution on the property, thereby creating a healthier herd and better hunting. It’s also important to keep information regarding these harvests.

Keeping accurate and detailed harvest and observation data provides us with another avenue to monitor the success of our management decisions. The information hunters gather throughout the hunting season provides us with insight into the quality and health of your deer herd.

Using records of deer harvested on a given property, we can provide you with a detailed analysis with management recommendations tailored to meet your specific objectives.

Camera Surveys

Wildlife camera surveys provide valuable population census that is vital in regulating and managing both game and non-game species. Camera census surveys offer biologists information on sex ratio and age structure in preferred game species such as deer and turkey. This information also helps them to better set hunting regulations aimed to improve the quality of the wildlife and the hunt.

Non-game species management is vital to the success of improving preferred game species survival, quality and habitat as well. Camera surveys provide predator and nuisance mammal abundance, such as coyotes, raccoons, bobcats and hogs, which will assist in managing and control of unfavorable numbers. Let us show you what is truly on your property.

Private Landowner Services: