Land Sale Overview

We regularly buy and sell land from all types of landowners in the Southeast. If you are interested in buying or selling land, please go to the bottom of this page for contact information. Be sure to check out the information below describing our land classifications.

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Soterra’s diverse land base, located in the Southeastern United States, consists of actively harvested and regenerated timber properties as well as properties for recreation, investment and development.

To maximize the value of our timber property, we continue to review our current portfolio and have been exploring the development of certain properties. This process has led us to characterize our property as surplus, higher and better use (HBU), development or timberland.

  • Surplus property cannot be efficiently or effectively managed by us, whether due to parcel size, lack of productivity, location, access limitations or for other reasons.
  • HBU property is land that in its current state has a higher market value for uses other than growing and selling timber.
  • Development property is HBU land that with an additional investment may have a significantly higher market value than its HBU market value.
  • Timberland is property best suited for growing and selling timber.

All HBU and development property, together with surplus property, will continue to be used by us to productively grow and sell timber until sold. Proceeds from these sales will be reinvested in more productive timberlands.

For information regarding Soterra lands, please contact: